Chameleon Capital Holdings Limited Specialise in a few core services that concentrate on the key needs of the different status of clients we work with.

Private Clients

High net worth clients and financial institutions who are sophisticated investors look for that unique opportunities to maximise the money and don’t want to have to worry about losses, our private clients sector specialises in guaranteed returns with no risk. We purchase bank debt in the form of Medium-Term notes, debt instruments such as Standby Letter Of Credit's and Bank guarantees, due to our network worldwide we have guaranteed buyers that purchase these instruments at confirmed rates, knowing our buy and sell rates allows us to be very solid in our contracts to our clients, giving them absolute peace of mind, that they are gaining risk-free returns.


Chameleon Capital Holdings Limited Have a network of suppliers that assist us with transactions on behalf of our clients in the areas of precious metal, gold, silver, etc. we have direct connections around the world to facilitate the intricate process which makes buying precious metals smooth and profitable for our clients.


We can handle liquidity requests for our clients, we have a range of services that we can offer, if people have assets and require liquidity, we offer monetisation services for all kinds of instruments and assets. Our range of banking partners will look at any collateral to help our clients achieve the release in liquidity they are looking for.

The assets are also totally secured via our unique trading services, so clients can have peace of mind that they can have the funding they require, without risking their assets at any time.

Project Funding

Using our full-proof structure, we can assist large corporate clients with fund raising for large projects and infrastructure projects. In these instants, we become working investors ourselves sharing in the profits from the info structure that we help formulate.


We advise companies on all aspects of their business to help them maximise their potential, our team of people cover all areas to assist our clients, from legal, through to finance and structuring. Our sister companies can offer advice in various different aspects for our clients. We try to assist our clients with different customised processes that they may be considering, clients can talk to us and take advantage of our worldwide partnership arrangements to see if we can help our clients endeavours in anyway.

Our consultancy service allows us to sit down with our clients and try to understand their plans so we can make them run smoothly.

Management Services

Depending on the size of the projects, we work alongside the client, not just on the financial side but in all aspects of the project to assure that it’s delivered on time and within budget so that the project is a success. On the private investment side once our clients have seen performance we assist them with tax planning through our regulated partners and how to maximise tax efficiency by offering other products within the growing group of companies that Chameleon Capital Holdings Limited Can offer, this maximises profits for Chameleon Capital Holdings Limited And gives the client an ongoing service that no one else can offer.

Mergers and Acquisitions

With the Chameleon Capital Holdings Limited Success system, opens up vast opportunities to buy into companies and restructure them to become more successful and if there failing, to buy them and development them. This also will bring additional revenue structures to make Chameleon Capital Holdings Limited A solid foundation for the future and growing the group to generate liquidity.

Lease bank instruments

We also offer a tailored service when supplying leased bank instruments, our service is professional because to issue the instruments we need to understand your business and the needs for the instruments. All our lease instruments are supported by clear and unencumbered funds and come from AA-rated banks.

This service is very unique to our clients and is offered to support project funding requirements.

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