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Unlocking Success through Tailored Solutions: Meet Our Expert Team at Chameleon Capital Holdings Limited., Specialising in Core Services Addressing Diverse Client Needs with Trust and Precision.


Andrew Needleman

43-year experience lawyer, specialising in crime, litigations and business law, Andrew's forte is to make sure that all commercial contracts are written in such a way that it protects the company from both criminal and cvil attacks. This is an exceptional quality and protects everybody’s interests from the company through to the clients. Our contracts are also not written with small print and legal jargon, they are easily readable for absolute transparency to our clients, this is imperative in this current climate and also makes sure that the company stays on the right side of regulations, even though all our activities are non-regulated. Andrew experience is vital and is a valued member of the team.

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Paul Barclay

Paul has over 20 years' experience in financial structuring and management, the extensive contact base creates the foundation of Chameleon Capital Holdings Limited. His banking knowledge and trading abilities make some of the most complex solutions easy for the clients to understand and his professionalism gives the companies clients great comfort when dealing on multi-million-euro transactions. His expertise and high-level relationships around the world assure that our clients are safe, and their projects are executed smoothly and efficiently. He really understands the clients' requirements, and this shows in the loyal and trust he gains around the world. He has established many unique source of worldwide contacts, and has the right structure in place to make the trades for Chameleon Capital Holdings Limited Customers.

A leading expert in debt instrument trading and medium term note trading along with acquiring clients to build the company's balance sheet, makes him the perfect associate to work alongside the team to get the balance right to optimise the clients' desires. Paul’s extensive network covers many banks across the world and has also been invited to speak at bank conferences to discuss alternative funding options and financial structuring to maximise the potential for our clients. Paul also has many years' experiences in insurance products, that include financial wraps and bond deficit insurance.

David Kanes

David has over 50 years' experience in business, he has been successful in construction, with Government contracts, manufacturing level in the automotive industry and runs  Chameleon Capital Holdings car rental business where he has a fleet of close to 100 vehicles. His out of the box thinking has set precedence in this industry and he has also had involvement in insurance and banking.

This wealth of experience becomes the steady hand and working along Andrew and the others in the team makes him the perfect person to spearhead the alternative internal companies that prior to the formation of Chameleon Capital Holdings Limited Has seen steady  but explosive growth will now follow due to this new model. David’s creativity and consistent ambitions to strive for excellence will enhance the revenues streams for Chameleon Capital Holdings Limited David, is a very strong experienced leader, his skills are to run his backroom team to make sure operationally the business is running smoothly.

With staff under him covering all aspects of the business, from IT to security and administration, David is a key member of the team and a fundamental part to the organisation. David is on call around the clock due to the different time zones. I.T. is the key to a smooth-running ship, as most of the management out of hours would be supported remotely.


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